About Sheer Tones

A nude pair of tights are a staple accessory in any woman’s wardrobe and can add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. We believe that nobody should be excluded from this, and thus created Sheer Tones in order to invest in a collection of nude hosiery that is representative of women of all different shades.

Whether you are the everyday woman who wants nudes to supplement her look, the dancer who requires a nude fishnet for a stage performance, the working woman who wants sheer tights to add the element of class to her office-wear or the everyday fashionista who likes to experiment with different fashion elements to stay on trend; Sheer Tones is the perfect hosiery for you.
We pride ourself with tying all of these elements into the Sheer Tones brand and have a range of different shades because ultimately:

Not everybody’s ‘nude’ is the same.